Our Services
Skills with a System

Here you get a quick overview of our services and the focus of our company. We stand for real quality and will provide you with skill from A to Z with every project.

Production area 4,000m²

  • 4 production floors with a production area of 4,000 m²
  • Heavy lift cranes
  • Maximum hook height: 11.0 m

Processing facilities, pipe systems, modules

  • Rulebooks: AD2000, ASME, EN,  
    DGRL 97/23/EG
  • Materials: Steel, stainless steel, high-temperature steel, low-temperature steel, fine grade steel, duplex, superduplex, titanium, P91
  • Complete tested pipeline systems with acceptance by notified bodies
  • Pressure tests up to 1000 bar

Steel Construction

  • Fabrication of steel base frames for plants and machines compliant with EN 1090

Plant Construction and Assembly

  • Delivery of complete plants with
    • Accounting, planning, construction and documentation
    • Steel construction
    • Machining
    • Coating / corrosion protection of pipeline components and steel construction
    • Cabling and wiring on terminal boxes or control cabinets
    • Pneumatic and electrical instrumentation
    • Insulation
    • Function test
    • Tightness test
    • Final acceptance by notified body
    • Seaworthy packing and transport
    • Assembly
  • Domestic and foreign assemblies of plants and pipeline systems
  • On-site monitoring of external assemblies
  • Component assembly

Construction and Planning Services

  • Layout of pipeline systems and containers according to EN and ASME
  • 3D modelling and/or construction of pipeline systems, pipeline modules, containers and steel construction
  • Creating shop drawings and isometries
  • Preparation and application for design tests and conformity tests for pressure devices

Other Services

  • Helium leak location using our own helium-leak location device
  • Test gas leak location: Qualification LT class 2 compliant with DIN EN 473
  • Technical consulting in welding and welder qualification
  • Positive Material Identification / PMI / Utilizing OES + RFA spectrometers
  • Internal inspection with an endoscope

Plant production and pipeline construction for the largest range of applications

  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Generating technical gases
  • The energy sector
  • Natural gas processing and storage